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Do you wonder what the best way is to give yourself the gift of health and the pleasure of life? Have you ever heard about vaginal kung fu? It has nothing to do with strengthening your pelvic floor with the exercises. Let's go over the basics of vaginal kung fu exercises as you start on this journey. Whether you want to smooth the bladder control process, increase sexual pleasure, or try to support your general health, this old tradition is a way to build you up. Let's start going through the path of vaginal kung fu, discovering all the secrets of your inner muscles.

Understanding Vaginal Kung Fu

The term “Vaginal kung fu" is another name given for pelvic floor exercise. This exercise technique is meant to help improve posture. Vaginal kung fu also strengthens the pelvic muscles. It may sound quite unusual, but it stands for the typical Chinese idea of "kung fu.". It implies deep skillfulness acquired as a result of hard work and training. Vaginal health care in this context is to be seen as a way of achieving control and power with the help of purposeful workout exercises.

The Basics

Vaginal Kung Fu exercises can be performed any time of the day, as they are discreet. It also makes them enjoyable for women of different ages and with different lifestyles.

The first part of vaginal kung fu is the correct pelvic floor muscle location. Another common method is to pause urine flow. However, this method should only be used for identification purposes and not every time you exercise.

Another way is to feel chill through the clean finger and then put it into the vagina and work the muscles around it. Now that you have already isolated the pelvic floor muscles, you can continue with the exercises.

Practicing Vaginal Kung Fu

Consistency and mindfulness are especially important for being able to master vaginal kung fu. Making sure that you do the exercises and trying to increase their intensity over time is the key. Many women can enjoy pelvic floor exercises being done during their morning or evening rituals. It could be therapeutic for them.

Some multifarious regulations and skills can be practiced. It includes slow contracts, fast pulses, and timing holds. Some women will add Kegel balls or resistance bands as add-ons to their workout routines to ensure that they are varied and well-resisted.


Vaginal Kung Fu is an amazing instrument that allows women to master their pelvic health and well-being. A powerful pelvic floor can reduce incontinence issues. It also contributes to better sexual satisfaction and contributes to clearer self-esteem. But consistency and diligence are the keys to a Vaginal Kung Fu master. So that women can enjoy the benefits throughout their lifetime.